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Final Expense insurance can help alleviate the burden on your family by covering funeral costs and an array of other expenses. You’ve devoted your entire life to your family, taking care of them, providing for them, being there when they need you, and always planning for the moments you share together. Planning for that moment when you will no longer be there is just as important, and might be easier than you think.

Your family can decide how to dispense the money, which can be used for unpaid bills, medical expenses, and even college tuition for children or grandchildren.
If they choose to use it for your funeral,
they can make arrangements with any funeral home.

By purchasing Final Expense Whole Life insurance, you can provide for your family even after you’re gone. While no amount of money will replace their loss, making this smart decision now will save them from a financial burden later during a difficult time.Final Expense insurance doesn’t remove the task of planning the funeral, but it can alleviate the burden on your family of covering funeral costs — and an array of other expenses.

  • Your premiums will never go up.
  • Funds can be used for any purpose.
  • Your 30-day satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Coverage builds cash value over time that is tax deferred
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